The prices below are for treatments in
our studio. If you'd like a home visit,
get in touch and we'll give you a
quote (it's normally a bit less).

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Full holistic body massage - £55.00

Working on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, legs, feet and scalp with whatever pressure you desire this relaxing massage will bring comfort and relaxation to body and soul.


Back, neck & shoulders massage - £30.00

a shortened version of the full body massage concentrating on the lower back, shoulders and neck, great for the muscles where we hold most of our tension 


Indian head massage - £35.00

Using a traditional Indian practice that dates back over 1000 years this massage is traditionally performed on the shoulders, neck and scalp using oil with the client sitting comfortably. Treatment can provide a state of calm, peace and tranquility.

Deep Tissue massage- £60.00 
Great for those who are after a very firm more specialised massage. Perfect for specific muscular problems or general wear and tear of the body from poor posture or sitting at a desk all day.


Pregnancy  massage-1 hour-£60.00

This massage is carried out lying on your side with pillows to keep you comfortable. Massage during this special time is great for improving circulation, reducing back pain and regulating hormones.
Available after your 12 week scan.


Postnatal massage-1 hour-£60.00

This is also carried out lying on the side if necessary. This massage has great physical and emotional benefits for a new mother including easing muscle tension and helping to reduce stress - all important factors in a successful postpartum recovery. 
Available after your six week check up.


Aromatherapy full body massage - £60.00
Inc face and scalp - £90.00
Using essential oils chosen bespoke to your needs with a full body massage, tailored to your pressure preference. Add on a facial and scalp massage for an extra treat.

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Reflexology - £55.00
A therapy based on the principal that the entire body is represented by reflex points on the feet, each point corresponding to an individual part of the body. By working on these areas regularly it is thought to bring about balance and general state relaxation and wellbeing.